Monday, October 22, 2012

Why You Should Not Litter

Brings down property value
Littering can bring down the property value in many neighborhoods. People who are shopping for homes may choose to pass on a house because of excessive littering. Nicer neighborhoods seem to attract more real estate buyers than areas that are filled with garbage. If you plan on selling your home in the future, littering will not help such an endeavor. It will minimize your chances of finding a buyer.

Real Estate can be difficult to sell when it is surrounded by trash. Even if a buyer is interested in purchasing a property, they may not be willing to pay a lot for it. By littering, you decrease the amount that you will be able to receive for your property. If you do not want to sell your house, there is still no reason to litter. Littering is inconsiderate. It brings down the quality of neighborhoods. If you do not want guests to leave trash around your house during holiday or weekend visits, you should not litter in the public.
Those who litter are creating an unhealthy environment for everyone in that atmosphere. Littering affects current residents and future generations. This planet does not have endless amounts of space for garbage. Throwing items like fast food bags and beverage containers on the ground contributes to pollution. The same trash that is thrown in the street or out of a car window on the highway will eventually have a negative impact on everyone.
A healthy environment should be provided and maintained for every human being. Maintaining such an environment is very difficult when many people are polluting it. Pollution is one if the many simple reasons why you should not litter. Unfortunately, many people are not concerned with pollution. However, a filthy environment is a big problem. Would you drink cloudy water? Would you bath in the city river? If you do not want guests to trash your home or have dirt the pizza that you ordered from Dominos, do not litter.
Low Character 
People who litter exhibit low character. Littering is not attractive and it does not showcase good qualities about a person. It shows that you do not care about your environment or the wellbeing of other residents. Many people should have more respect for their surroundings and public areas. If you litter, others will not look at you as a worthwhile individual. These are viable reasons why you should not litter.

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