Monday, October 15, 2012

When Nsi Went To Physiotherapy

Im suffering from Slipped Disc for about more than 7yrs since i am in a Call Centre.
Within that period i just attending a physiotherapy session to relief my pain and also taking my medicine.This picture showing me doing my physiotherapy session such as waxing my hand into a medium hot wax and also doing traction to pull and straigthtening my back bone and relieving preasure on the spine.Trying to avoid doing an operation due chances to recover very minimum.So guys watch out and do love ur spine.

What is Slip Disc (Backaches)?  Actually the term 'Slipped Disc' (Backache) does really describe, it's because the disc does not only slip out of place but bulges out towards the spinal cord. Furthermore, when the advancing age and body weakness it allowing the soft part to swell.
Normally, it most often affect at the lower back because the spine is a most important part to support the body. Occasionally, we can seen the following such as an injury from a fall, accident, hard physical labour and advancing age.
The age between 30 and 50 normally have a slipped disc (Backache) in the lower back and for the cervical vertebra around neck normally occur between the ages of 40 and 60. But sometimes, person between age 30 and 50 also suffering the cervical vertebra around neck. It's depend on the work and what they are doing.Slipped disc (Backache) can be a symptom free. Symptoms of nerve root pressure also disturbance of feeling in the limbs such as paralysis of single muscles, pain to the arms or legs. It different from the symptoms of pressure on the spinal cord. The symptoms of pressure on the spinal cord may affect with control of the bladder, for example the legs will cause a spasms but not in the arms when the spinal cord in the chest area under the pressure. The other symptoms also will cause of loss control of the bladder function. It is call the symptoms of pressure on the cauda eguina. It will be disturbing of feeling in the rectum and paralysis of both legs.

Immerse my hand into hot wax

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