Monday, December 31, 2012

Overcome Hairball Problem

If you have an adult cat at home,you have either already encountered hairballs or you soon will.It is a fact that nearly every cat breed makes them,as all cat are self groomers,which can lead to hair building up in a cat throat or stomach.When so hair builds up inside your cat that it can no longer be coughed up,you may have a problem.

Hair that moved beyond the stomach can become firm or even hard in the intestines.If the hair cannot  move,surgery maybe necessary.Call your veterinarian if you see warning signs : 

- Vomiting
- Retching
- Excessive gagging
- Constipation or extraordinary amount of hair in stools
- Lost of appetite
- Less energy

Hence to avoid or to minimize the hairballs problem,give your the right cat food.Your cats food can make a real different when it come to hairball problem i.e. the right nutrients in the right amounts help hair pass through your cats digestive system.Select the cat food that contains : 

- High level of vegetable fibres which helps sweep ingested hair through the digestive system to reduce accumulation of hair as hairballs.

- Controlled magnesium and phosphorus to support urinari tract health.Added taurine to help maintain heart health.

- Added superior antioxidant formula to neutralise free radicals and help maintain a healthy immune system.

- Ideal fatty acid balance,which are building blocks for healthy skin and shiny coat.

- Vitamin C + E ,which at ideal levels of clinically proven antioxcidant for a healthy immune system.

Precise nutrition can help keep your can skin healthy and cut down on unnecessary shedding.Daily feeding delivers consistent nutritional support for your cat skin and coat.


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